We offer Bituminous coal mined in Southern Illinois

Stoker coal is in stock

Size usually runs ½” to 2”

$165 per ton for any amount loaded with a skid loader

$.10 per pound for small amounts hand loaded

This is bulk coal, bring your containers, truck or trailer

We occasionally will have some re-screened stoker coal for $.10 per pound

This has most of the smaller particles removed so you get coal between 1" and 2-1/2"

A few hundred pounds of Lump Coal (1" to 6") is available for $.11 per lb.

Anthracite is now in stock

We have Three sizes Rice, Nut and Stove

Anthracite will come in handy 40 lb bags with a handle

$310 per ton

$160 for 1/2 ton


$7.00 per 40 lb bag for under a half ton

Summer Hours

April thru September open some on Saturday & Sunday 8am to 8pm

Closed most weekdays but call ahead to be sure

Sorry Closed most days in September

For more information or to make an appointment call Dave




N8010 14th Ave

Neshkoro, WI 54960


 Located about 30 miles north of Portage or 40 miles west of Oshkosh ~ Google Map~

GPS Address 43.930   -89.345

Please note:

If you enter my mailing address in your gps it will drop you about 2 miles too far North

Open 7 days a week during winter months by appointment

Cash or Check



Stoker Coal mostly 1 to 1-1/2 inch


Run of Mine Lump Coal powder up to 8"


Fine Coal or screenings powder up to 1"